August 15, 2008

My First Attempt

Posted in Uncategorized at 7:58 pm by timin525

It has been suggested to me, by a couple of people, that Tim and I start a blog. First, to keep people up to date on our call to ministry and all that will entail and second, to keep a record of the exciting events that take place while raising three girls 4 and under. I have not yet decided for which purpose this blog will be used. Is it best to have one blog for each purpose? Can husbands and wives share a blog? I guess these are things I will figure out as I gain more experience in this world of blogging.

My main goal right now is to be consistent with posts. My entire life I have really struggled with consistency. I find out about something, think it’s a good idea, get involved, and then lose interest or become side-tracked. My habit is to be bad at developing habits. So we will see how this goes. Maybe you all can keep me motivated.



  1. Hey, this is a great start, Mindy! My response to your pondering about a blog’s purpose is this: you can use it for whatever you want, so it’s absolutely kosher to combine updates and comments about you guys’ journey into ministry right along with posts about the girls.
    And I promise, if you’ll be consistent with posting, I’ll be consistent in reading!

  2. Kathy Hoelzer said,

    Hi Mindy,

    I am comment #2. Great job on explaining what is going on in your life. I too will promise to read and write back. I know you will be consistent with the updates. It will be much easier than writing a bunch of e-mails. Lots of Love, Mom

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