August 22, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me!

Posted in Special Days tagged at 3:18 pm by timin525

It doesn’t get much better than this:

-flowers from your husband (and baby girls)

-babies wishing you happy birthday even before they ask for breakfast

-family and friends calling and e-mailing all day

-a birthday playdate and lunch with a good friend

-mis-spelled and scribbled on birthday banner and cards (okay, so it doesn’t even look like “Happy Birthday,” but that is what makes it great!)

-a child’s excitement that it is mommy’s birthday – “Where are your balloons, mommy? When will the party start? Can I have a cupcake? Open your presents, mommy! Look at what I made you, mommy!”

-smooshed cupcakes – “It’s okay, mommy. They still taste good!” (and they do ;))

-a surprise mocha from Tim and a giftcard from a friend to help satisfy the next craving

I am getting older, yet I feel too young to be blessed in so many ways.



  1. Kathy Hoelzer said,

    This is late in the evening but —- Happy Birthday! You were born around 6:30 in the morning. I still remember the shock Dad and I felt when they told us you were a girl. I guess we thought we would only have boys since that is the way it was in the Hoelzer family.

    It was a joyous time and I am thankful every day that God allowed us to have such a wonderful daughter. Thank you for being you! Love Mom

    I also thank God for bringing Tim into your life. He is a wonderful example of God’s love for his family. You have a special husband and your beautiful daughters have a special daddy!

  2. timin525 said,

    Thanks, Mom! You always told me it was around 8:30a. At least that is what I remember. You should know, though!

  3. Amy McMillan said,

    Sorry I missed your birthday! Soundls like you had a very blessed day!! You are most assuredly loved out here in New Mexico!

  4. Kathy said,

    It probably was 8:30. You know how my memory is. \
    Love, Mom

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