September 11, 2008

My husband is wonderful

Posted in Seminary at 1:05 am by timin525

We are trying to make our home look appealing to a buyer, so I suggested to Tim that we (he) paint the kitchen. The walls were a drab, off-white color that neither of us particularly cared for, so he was game. 5 coats of paint and 3 colors later, we are (he is) finally finished! The first color was green. I was going for light, limey and fresh. We got blue-ish green and dark. Then we chose yellow with the intention of letting some sunlight in on our old dark cabinets. Since I told Tim to go yellow, he decided to give it two coats even though I was not home to give my nod of approval. When I saw it, I wanted to like it. I tried to like it. He had just re-painted the kitchen because I did not like the first color. But the look of disgust on my face gave me away. In my defense, Tim did not like it either; although, he said it was better than the green. Too orange-ish and dark. So tonight, we (he) got it right. It is yellow, but light and creamy. Not exactly bright and fresh, but I probably wouldn’t have liked that either! Anyway, he is good to me. Thanks, Tim! You are a good husband and a good painter!

p.s. I forgot to mention that he had to paint the bathroom twice, too! But we (he) got the dining room right on the first try.



  1. Kathy Hoelzer said,

    The colors are great!

    I’m still trying to figure out what dad was laughing about. He turned red so I figure he said something that he really did’t want me to know.

    Tim is probably the most patient person I have met. Aren’t you glad you are married to him????

  2. timin525 said,

    What am I supposed to say to that, no????
    Of course I am glad. He is a good painter!

  3. Kathy said,

    He is a good painter a great husband to my beautiful daughter and a wonderful daddy to the three most precious little girls there has ever been!
    Thank you Lord!

  4. Kathy said,

    Hi Min,
    I just read the story about Tim and the painting AGAIN! I again say he is so patient! I don’t think your dad would do that for me. He might???? But I would probably just say Oh it’s OK and he would leave it.

    I was looking for the place to leave a not about the shower but I don’t know where to go.

    Love, Mom

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