September 22, 2008

Clara’s First Word

Posted in Mommy Journal tagged at 2:00 pm by timin525

Well, it’s really like her (mama, dada, drink, clara, thank you, dog, cat, ball, bye) tenth word, but it is super cute, so I have to write about it before I forget.

We were driving home from Eckert’s Saturday and Grandma Bea was talking to one of the older girls probably about apple pie and ice cream dessert. At the end of her statement, she said “okey dokey?” And without a second’s delay, Clara said “okey dokey!” It was the cutest thing and we all laughed for about a minute. It really sounded more like “kdydkdy,” but that’s close enough in my book.



  1. Jenny said,

    Of course that counts as a first word!

  2. Mom said,

    I just saw this tonight. Very CUTE! Just like she said love you tome the other night. At least that is what it sounded like to a proud grandma!

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