October 9, 2008

MOPS Devotional – Identity

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Our True Identity in Christ

As moms we can get so caught up in the simple tasks of getting through each day. We wake,  change diapers, help go potty, make food, feed food, clean up food, dress, bathe, do laundry, clean house, play, discipline, drive, help, protect, teach, love, hug, kiss, and we do it over and over and over again. Not one of us would choose to do it any other way. But after doing the same thing day in and day out, we tend to define who we are by what we do. Thankfully, though, the Bible tells us that in Christ we are much more than the tasks we perform. As we think about who we are in preparation for this month’s discussion, let’s take a look at who we are in Christ.

Rom 3:24 – We are justified (not guilty of sin)

Rom 8:1 – No condemnation awaits us

Rom 8:2 – We are set free from the law of sin and death

1 Cor 1:2 – We are sanctified and made acceptable in Jesus

1 Cor 1:30 – We are righteous and holy in Christ

1 Cor 15:22 – We will be made alive at the resurrection

2 Cor 5:17 – We are a new creation

2 Cor 5:21 – We receive God’s righteousness

Gal 3:28 – We are one in Christ with all other believers

Eph 1:3 – We are blessed with every spiritual blessing in Christ

Eph 1:4 – We are holy, blameless, and covered with God’s love

Eph 1:5, 6 – We are adopted as God’s children

Eph 1:7 – Our sins are taken away, and we are forgiven

Eph 1:10, 11 – We will be brought under Christ’s headship

Eph 1:13 – We are marked as belonging to God by the Holy Spirit

Eph 2:6 – We have been raised up to sit with Christ in glory

Eph 2:10 – We are God’s work of art

Eph 2:13 – We have been brought near to God

Eph 3:6 – We share in the promise of Christ

Eph 3:12 – We can come with freedom and confidence into God’s presence

Eph 5:29, 30 – We are members of Christ’s body, the church

Col 2:10 – We have been given fullness in Christ

Col 2:11 – We are set free from our sinful nature

2 Tim 2:10 – We will have eternal glory

(list taken from the NIV Life Application Study Bible)

Oh, isn’t it a relief that God does not define who we are by what we do? He defines who we are by what His Son did for us on the cross! Our identity is not dependent upon a clean house or obedient kids. Pheww! Our identity should be wrapped up in the free gift of salvation rather than our accomplishments as mothers. Take some time in the next few days meditating on the truth of who we are in Christ.


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