October 9, 2008

When the nudge becomes a shove

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I have been wanting to write about the events that have taken place over the last few weeks for, well, the last few weeks, but I have been struggling with how to write it and finding the time to write it. We have been busy.

2 weeks ago tomorrow (Friday), Tim lost his job. He came home from work and said, “Babe, I am sorry, but I don’t have a job. But, it is going to be okay! God told me this week that I would lose my job today, and we are going to be okay.”

I didn’t respond like most probably would. If I remember correctly, I struggled not to laugh. I think I even chuckled a little. We knew it was coming. Business has been slow, and we just did not see how his boss could pay him much longer to screw in lightbulbs and sweep the floors. My thoughts were basically, “well, I guess we had better get a move on.”

Both Tim and I firmly believe that the loss of his job is all part of God’s plan to move us to Memphis. Tim’s desire is to be in seminary, not in a workshop building doors or onsite refinishing doors. And we needed to take the steps to accomplish this, evidently faster than what we were already doing. We spent Tim’s first week “off” working on getting the house ready to sell. This is something that otherwise would have taken over a month to complete. Tuesday of this week we listed our house with CB Gundaker. http://www.cbgundaker.com/search/advanced/detail.jsp?mls_num=80059797&type=res

Now that the majority of the big work is done around the house, Tim is doing some side jobs. Thankfully God has blessed Tim with skills that allow him to bring in some money on his own. This is something Tim does not greatly appreciate, but he is good at it and it does pay well. He will do whatever he needs to do in order to support his family. Even if it involves paint and doors!

Through all of this, I have to keep reminding myself that I need to trust in the Lord, no matter what. A week ago I was saying that I was confident the house would sell fast. Today I am saying that I am confident that the Lord is in control. The housing market is not dependable. People lose their jobs. Money comes and goes. But God never changes. He is the only constant in this ever-changing world. So we are putting our faith in God’s plans for our move, seminary, the sale of the house and our income. We know where He wants us to be, but still are uncertain when and how we will get there.

We are excited to see how everything plays out, but all the hubbub getting the house on the market has been slightly unsettling to the girls. The girls’ world has not changed much, but they know something is different. We appreciate all your prayers during this time!

Keep checking back to this blog for updates. We have an Open House on Sunday, October 12 from 1-3p. Feel free to pass the blogsite or house listing on to anyone who may be interested. It is a nice house for a good price and we only need one buyer. They just have to see it first!


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  1. Jenny said,

    Sometimes it’s hard to take that first step, but it sure looks like God is leading you where you need to be. I will pray for a speedy house sale, and continued direction for you and your family, even if it means we don’t get to see each other that much! 😦

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