October 28, 2008

Update on Seminary

Posted in Seminary tagged at 10:35 pm by timin525

Tim was accepted to Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary last week. Thursday, October 23 to be exact. We are excited. He has jumped one of the many hurdles.

The house has been on the market for three weeks now. We have had 5 Open Houses and only one person has come through. We try not to get our hopes up, but are always disappointed when our agent calls to tell us no one came.

We also have not had any showings. We had a potential showing tonight. The agent called at 5PM(!!) while I was preparing dinner to say that they wanted to be here at 5:30pm!! First of all, I wasn’t sure I heard him correctly and secondly, I was so excited that I could hardly speak. We actually had a showing scheduled. Someone wanted to see our house after 3 weeks of SILENCE. We rushed around to get things ready, took dinner out of the oven and then took everything over to Tim’s parents’ house – all by 5:30. When we returned home at 7:30pm we had a message on our machine saying that they needed to cancel the showing because it was too dark! I wanted to scream! I may have, actually. I wanted to give that agent a lesson in home showing etiquette. I have since calmed down, but am still disappointed. Hopefully the people will come through the Open House tomorrow. If they get here at 5p, it will still be light outside!

We are trying to be patient and calm, but it gets tiring/trying. I cannot imagine doing this for a full year. But, we will do what we need to do to get Tim where he needs to be. We just don’t know when that will happen.


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  1. Mary said,

    still praying 🙂

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