December 9, 2008

Too Small, Too Small, Too Small!!

Posted in Seminary tagged at 3:36 pm by timin525

So our house is on the market. We all know the housing market is bad. We have had 6 or so people look at the house, mostly young couples and single moms. The answer everyone gives to whether or not they like the house is always: Too Small! Now I know our house isn’t huge, but it has three bedrooms, 2 full baths, a walk out basement and sits on 1/2 acre. The basement can be finished and there is plenty of yard space to add on if desired. I may be biased, but I think this house is a good buy. And I think that too many people are wanting more for less. Since when do I have to give away my house just because someone thinks it is priced too high for its size?! I guess I am just frustrated. Sometimes the smaller house is all a person can afford. That’s why we bought it. It was the best house for the money and it was in our budget! And I am not going to keep dropping the price just so someone who wants more for less can get what they can’t afford in the first place!