March 12, 2009

Caffeine Headache

Posted in Random Thoughts at 11:11 pm by timin525

I had THE worst headache today! Normally I wake up and make a 32oz caraffe of coffee with the French press my parents gave me. I used to try to make only 16oz, but I have found that the full press makes a better cup. And I also HATE throwing things away…even homemade coffee that would probably amount to a few cents. So, over the past few months I have gotten used to drinking the full 32 ounces, for the sake of not being wasteful. Plus, it tastes pretty good.

BUT this morning I woke up at 8am and had to leave the house with all 3 girls at 8:45am. We made it out of the house, but without my morning coffee. I was fine until about 12:30pm as we were headed home from our Homeschool group. Then the headache started to kick in. I really didn’t have time to make coffee since I had to feed the girls and get them down for nap all before leaving for work at 1:45pm. I grabbed a coke, hoping it would do the trick (hindsight tells me I should have grabbed 3 ibuprofens along with it).

At 3:30pm, my head was pounding, hands were shaking, I was having hot flashes and my face was flushed. At 4:30pm I thought to make a cup of tea. It did absolutely nothing. By the time I was driving home at 6pm, my hands had stopped shaking, but my headache had become even more violent (if that is even a good description) and I had to keep swallowing to keep my stomach down (gross, I know).

Tim was aware of my condition, so he had the coffee ground and water boiling for me when I walked through the door. He handed me 600mg of ibuprofen, a glass of water and a little bite of food to help the medicine settle and sent me to bed. Five minutes later he brought in my coffee. An hour and a half later my headache was managable and I was able to rejoin the family.

Good grief! I don’t know which is worse: being so addicted to coffee that missing a cup throws me into withdrawal or having the withdrawal symptoms when I miss a cup of coffee (or 3).

Is it wrong to drink something that causes your body to become so addicted to it? I am beginning to wonder if I should start cutting back. I do not like the feeling of something else being in control of my body; this afternoon the caffeine was staking its claim. I definitely will NOT quit cold turkey, but maybe I should scale back a bit. Try 2 cups for a few days and then take it down to just 1.

I’ll let you know how it goes.